Aries Electronics - Your Best Source for Interconnection and Packaging Solutions

Your Best Source for Interconnection & Packaging Solutions!

Aries Electronics is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of interconnect products and Correct-A-Chip® technology. Our website contains over 150 full-spec Product Data Sheets available for viewing, downloading, and printing of Burn-in Sockets, IC Sockets and Adapters and more.

We’ve created a source for electronic component design engineers to download Technical Data Sheets with of variety of interconnect products for Test and Burn-in applications including...

Aries Has Mastered These Manufacturing Processes...

  • Installation of Pins into Plastic
  • Molding Engineered Plastics with Tight Tolerances
  • Crimping Connectors on Flat Cable
  • Flat Cable Wire Stripping and Separation
  • Custom High-Frequency (RF) Socket Design (-1dB Bandwidth at 10GHz)
  • Surface-mounting of Electronic Components
  • Bending Pins (Vertisocket™ Line)
  • Patented Limited-Depth Pin Assembly
  • Assembly of Solder Balls on Ceramic PC Boards & Connectors

Aries Electronics, Inc. is committed to RoHS compliance and will make every effort to assist our customers by making available as much information as possible. This information will continue to change as additional data becomes available.